Our mission is to bring the right vessels with the right crew to meet our clients' needs every time.

Since 2011, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the industry and bringing the right craft and capabilities to serve them all.

Our fleet is capable and agile but we understand that having the right craft is only part of the solution. We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive to our clients needs – the operational environment can change as suddenly as the Irish weather. We help manage the uncertainty by bringing a reliable service built on excellent client relationships.

Our crew are trained to the highest standards and all vessels are licensed with DTTAS and fully insured

We deliver

Quantity and quality time and again

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We make sure that every detail is considered on even the smallest project. Our focus is 100% on operational safety and client satisfaction.


Our years of service to the offshore industry have taught us one thing – no two jobs are ever the same!

We bring a wealth of experience to support our clients’ project planning process. Our team can integrate fully with all aspects of project delivery from procurement and permissions to timeline drafting and sign off.

We have excellent relationships with maritime authorities we leverage on our clients behalf as and when required.

QUALITY & professionalism

We strive to bring the best experience for our clients’ every day. 

Our crew operate within rigorous industry best-practice protocol and understand exactly how to deliver our service safely and efficiently.

At the same time we are approachable, friendly and pro-active in our relationships with partners and clients. This balance of openess and professionalism drives the high standards we and our clients expect from ICCB.

We are the partner you can trust for a perfect solution to all your needs.

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