Fionn Mac Cumhaill

Our principal craft for corporate tours and crew transfer services. The FMC has a P3 license for 12 passengers and 3 crew.

Nato Work Boat

An ideal solution for safety and logistical support projects in and around harbours. Powered by twin volvo engines and Hamilton jets.

Whaly 500R

ICCB operate two Whaly 500R safety boats, both boats carry a P4 passenger license and fully insured.

These are our go to craft for guard-boat and safety boat projects. Responsive and agile in tight areas they are the ideal option for those requiring an added element of security to underpin operations.

12 x Open Rib

Our 12 x open rib offers a combination of speed and exhiliration for our corporate clients when conditions are right. 

Also an excellent choice for short to medium crew transfer when speed is of the essence.

12 metre landing craft

ICCB have ordered a bespoke 12m landing craft from Chartwell Marine, a pioneer in next-generation vessel design. The vessel will be built at the Arklow Marine shipyard and looks set to hit the water in summer 2021.

P5 passenger license & MCA cat 2 license for 12passengers 2 crew. Can carry 3.7T cargo.

Powered by twin OXE diesel 200hp engines.

Ideal for all commercial works.

7 metre pontoon workboat

7M pontoon workboat powered by 20hp Yamaha outboard.
P4 passenger license .
Ideal for civil marine projects .

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