Film & media crew logistics

We have a range of vessels to deliver your team and their equipment to some of Irelands best kept coastal secrets. Our crew are intimately familiar with the flora and fauna of our rugged coastline – from Wallbies on Lambay to seals and whales in the open sea – we’ll get you in the right place to get the right shot every time.


Safety at sea is core to our work ethic and service delivery. Let us bring our experience and professionalism to bear for your benefit. Whether you are organising an open water swim or laying fibre optics across the Irish Sea our attention to detail and understanding of marine risk management will ensure your work is in the safest of hands.

offshore wind farm

Fishery Liaison

Good relations between offshore developers and the local fishing community are vital to minimise disruption to fishermen and to help projects proceed quickly and efficiently. Our Fishery Liaison Service builds good relationships between developer and fishermen, and ensures that project information is readily available to all interested parties.

Diving support

We provide support for marine diving activities year-round. Our highly trained crew are familiar with all dive safety protocol and regularly assist in offshore underwater surveys and hydrograhic data collection. Our intimate knowledge of tides and currents in the area brings an extra level of security to your operations.

guard boats

ICCB provide guard boats to sensitive installations or hazardous work that may require careful separation from public waterways for a period of time.

Our team can set up a robust perimeter around whatever area you are working in to protect the project, the public and other sea traffic from injury or incident.

pontoon hire

We provide temporary pontoons for a variety of needs. Passenger access and maintenance of over-sized craft are managed with our flexible modular pontoon system. 

Whatever the space and shape we can give you the stable platform you need to get your work done.

Need professional support for your offshore project?